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Risks of getting temporary software unlock

Software unlock is a process of unlocking an iPhone by using different type of software and breaking different restrictions within the software of an iPhone. This process is very famous about iPhone unlocking experts, hackers and users of locked iPhones. iPhone unlocking is a kind of topic which remains in discussion all the time as every where people are using this device. Moreover, Apple company launches a new iPhone every year and rest of the year people remain busy in getting their locked iPhones unlocked either for free or for some dollars.

Why software unlocking?

Software unlocking is basically a process which requires an iPhone user to connect his/her iPhone to laptop or computer and use particular software to break set restrictions. This process is often simple and easy to do but it never guarantees you of 100% results. Important thing to consider here is that software unlocking is only possible of devices which are 3-4 years old. Apple is a well reputed company and it is very firm in building devices which are not very easy to break up. It takes developers and hackers years to explore a genuine and guaranteed method of unlocking iPhone for free. Yes, software unlocking is famous because it is often delivered free of cost. Most of the people today are searching ways of getting their brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus unlocked for free and their attempts are completely useless. Believe us, you will spend your whole day navigating from one site to another and you won’t find one single method available online to unlock your brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

First thing first, iPhone 6 is not built in a poor way that it would be easy for hackers to come up with a fake software and unlock it right away. Secondly none of the iOS experts would recommend you for attempting an iPhone 6 software unlock right now as there is no proper solution available through software and free unlocking tricks. And finally there are lots of risks involved in attempting a software unlock process including serious damage to your iPhone 6.

Software unlock can kill your device:

Recent surveys and reports about software unlocking has shown that most of the devices which went through software unlocking process have been reported dead and came to Apple store for repair. This is because software unlock is like a naked blade duel with Apple’s tough software security system and as a result your device dies for the rest of its physical life.

No more warranty:

Apple has clearly written into its user guide and warranty implementations that if you will try to attempt to unlock any iPhone and it gets damaged in any way, you won’t be able to get any sort of claim from the company. All the devices which will go under either jailbreaking or software unlock process will not be covered in Apple’s warranty claim service and you will have to regret for it.

Slow processor with confused working:

Software unlocking often confuses your iPhone 6. Whenever you get a software unlock service, it disturbs the internal schema of your iPhone and as a result your iPhone becomes sense less at times. For example you wont be able to accept calls in a rush way as your iPhone will hang up(Just like android phones). Most of the apps you will try to use will crush up in the middle which ultimately means a poor user experience on a software unlocked iPhone 6.

No more access to official updates:

Apple launches its official iOS updates time to time and only factory unlocked devices are capable of accessing those updates. Your locked iPhone 6 can also be updated but not a jail broken or software unlocked iPhone can access any new update. Whenever you will try to update your iPhone, it will go to its locked condition which means you will be no longer able to access your unlocked Iphone again.

How to avoid software unlock stuff?

Software unlocking is even notorious than jailbreaking and it is always recommended to either stay happy with your locked iPhone 6 or get some official iPhone 6 unlocking services. In both ways you will be at safe side because none of the other options would work for you. Official iPhone 6 unlocking is readily available online and you can hire any company for this task. Most of the companies are offering very attractive and reliable iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus factory unlock packages and you can grab one for yourself.

To put in a nutshell, we must say that in order to take care of your iPhone 6 and get more out of it, you should go for iPhone 6 factory unlock services. It is reliable and far more comfortable to use than any creepy software unlocking process.

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